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Hi Peter,

Thanks for sending George. His service is second to none! It was a pleasure. I’ll let you know if I need a ride back.
Stevin Green


Hi – I just wanted to say thank-you for the great service by Geoff who was very kind to help me with my luggage as I had an infant traveling with me. He helped to make the trip stress free so much appreciated!
Regards, Annette

- Anette Hobba, PRIVATE

Thanks Peter, and thank you so much for all your assistance and help over my last 20 months since taking over the Gold Coast Operation. It has been greatly appreciated!

Thanks and regards


Kevin Stuart
Regional Mainline Airports Manager QLD
Qantas Airways Limited

- Kevin Stuart, QANTAS

Hello Peter!
It has been very successful. Thank you also for all your great work. I have only heard good things from everyone who was picked up.

Send through the invoice when you can and I will get you paid ASAP


- Kerriane Southway, AIPP